Q. Why gas?
The idea of injecting gas as a secondary fuel in turbo diesel engines has been widely used for many years.
Many of the earlier systems contained complicated mixers and/or sensors that had to be installed on the engine and adjusted using computer equipment, thus making them improbable for everyday use.

The eCo-shot system is mechanical, using the vehicles’ boost pressure driving a diaphragm to control the exact amount of gas required.
As well as turbo diesel engines we now also have a unit suitable for normally aspirated diesel and petrol engines.

Q. Why does it work so well?
Gas acts as a catalyst when combined with diesel fuel allowing the fuel to burn at almost 100% as opposed to approximately 75% without gas injection. This increased burn is what gives you the “eCo-shot” of torque, horsepower and fuel economy.

Q. How much increased torque and horsepower can I expect?
Torque and horsepower will increase by an average of 30%.

Q. Will eCo-shot™ help my mileage?
YES! Fuel economy is increased significantly. You can expect an average 25% reduction in fuel usage depending on driving style. We are also able to tune the eCo-shot to provide you with maximum fuel economy where the average of 25% will increase to an average of 35% or tune it to provide you with maximum increases in both torque and horsepower while still providing fuel savings.

Q. Can I use the eCo-shot™ for towing heavy loads?
YES! With the extra torque available from eCo-shot you will enjoy towing finding and that the hills you once may have dropped a gear to ascend no longer requires this.
(Remember you should never tow more than your vehicle is rated for or hold the throttle wide open for extended periods)

Q. Can eCo-shot™ be used with other aftermarket performance products for diesel powered vehicles?
YES! The eCo-shot system is the perfect addition to, and will only enhance the performance of chips, exhaust systems etc. It can also be used on stock turbo diesels as the only performance accessory.

Q. Does eCo-shot™ increase exhaust gas temperature?
In a word – minimally. Increases of only 50ᵒC or less. In some instances we have found the EGT has decreased.

Q. Will LPG injection damage my engine with long term use?
NO and based on the following examples we are confident eCo-shot will perform brilliantly in your vehicle for many years.
Toyota Hilux fitted with eCo-shot in 2007. Has since travelled over 300,000klms and is still going strong.
A 1983 Mercedes Benz truck fitted in 2001 has now travelled over 2,000,000klms with 1,200,000 of those on eCo-shot. The Mercedes has been retired from the road but the eCo-shot unit has been removed and fitted to its replacement vehicle, a Scania, which runs from Melbourne to Perth regularly. Figures show the Scanias’ fuel use has gone from 2.4klm / litre to 3.1klm / litre with vastly increased power.

Q. Why do I need eCo-shot™?
The eCo-shot LPG injection system is for turbo diesel owners who are looking for more power when towing, increased fuel mileage and throttle responsiveness from their vehicles.
eCo-shot is an infinitely variable-stage vapour injection system. It is controlled, activated and proportionate to the boost pressure of the engine, coming on slow and steady


Q. How does eCo-shot™ work?
The eCo-shot LPG injection system is boost pressure activated, injecting gas in increasing amounts as the boost pressure level of the engine increases. This produces power you are guaranteed to feel behind the wheel.
This innovative design is only activated when the vehicle ignition is on and the engine is running; a distinct safety advantage.

Q. I drive a lot around town but on weekends tow the boat. Does this affect my requirements?


Driving around town
You will love how responsive the accelerator pedal is with eCo-shot fitted. You might even think you are driving a petrol engine!


Towing caravans or trailers
The increased pulling power is great. eCo-shot makes those big hills seem a lot smaller!


We have a couple of clients competing in very serious off-road events. They really appreciate the extra power received from eCo-shot.


This is where eCo-shot comes into its’ own. No matter how big the load or how far they travel, truck owners will save thousands of dollars each year in fuel and appreciate the extra power they get from eCo-shot.

Q. What safety features does eCo-shot™ have?
Power switch inside the cabin so the driver has full control of turning the system on or off.
Fuel lock off valve which stops the flow of gas unless the ignition and system are turned on and the engine is running.
An adjustable orifice allows you to change flow rates from economy to performance effortlessly in minutes.
Varialble flow rate delivers smooth, steadily increasing power, proportionate to the boost pressure.
Fits all TURBO DIESEL vehicles.
Great savings for the transport industry.


The eCo-shot™ Gas Injection Kit requires the use of an Australian Standard, certified VAPOUR Gas Tank ONLY