Introduction to eCo-shotâ„¢
eCo-shot has been available in Australia since March 2007 and is installed in trucks, 4WD’s, cars and stationery engines across Australia. It has been sold in the USA (under the brand powershot) since 1997 and having been fitted to tens of thousands of vehicles; it has been truly tried and tested. Here in Australia we have had an eCo-shot unit fitted to a 1983 Mercedes Benz truck since 2001 and trial results have shown fuel savings of AS MUCH AS 30% together with power increases of AS MUCH AS 22%.


How does the eCo-shotâ„¢ system work?
The eCo-shot LPG injection system is pressure boost activated, being controlled in proportion to the boost pressure of the engine. As the engine boost increases, the eCo-shot slowly increases the flow of gas. This innovative design feature activates the gas flow only when the ignition is on and the engine running; a distinct safety advantage! Installed under bonnet an eCo-shot system requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle or engine. Its’ innovative, patented design and method of LPG delivery makes this system unique to other systems and has overcome many of the design flaws experienced with competitor injection systems.


No boost pressure, no LPG flow! eCo-shot will only inject LPG when engine boost pressure reaches our pre-set poundage which will vary according to engine and intended use.


What are the benefits of a shot of gas?
eCo-shot will give you a reduction in your diesel usage by as much as 25%.
An injection of LPG with the air through the turbo improves the diesels’ burn efficiency in the combustion chamber. Whereas diesel normally burns with an efficiency rate of 75% eCo-shots’ injection of gas in the combustion process increases this efficient rate to 95%. You now have a much more efficient combustion which uses less diesel and saves you money!


Extended service intervals.
eCo-shot will keep your oil cleaner because of the improved combustion process. No longer will you have excess unburnt diesel dropping into the sump destroying and dirtying your oil.
In the case of a C12 CAT, within 8 weeks of having an eCo-shot installed, its’ oil change went from 20,000 to 30,000 kilometres.


Improved pulling power.
With the improved combustion created by eCo-shots LPG injection you will find an increase in both torque and horsepower.


Nissan Navara

80 Series Land Cruiser

2004 Holden Rodeo

73 kilowatts to 92 kilowatts

76 kilowatts to 116 kilowatts

290Nm to 400Nm


Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Improved combustion also means a reduction in CO2 emissions by as much as 10% and harmful NOx emissions by as much as 50%. You will also see a vast reduction in black smoke because the carbon emissions are caused by unburnt diesel. This will give a reduction of approximately 2.7kg of expelled carbon for every litre of diesel you were previously not burning before installing eCo-shot.


eCo-shot is a mechanically operated unit which means: