Fuel Saver Plus


The innovative and world leading petrol system that is dual fuel.


We have developed a FUELSAVER system for Petrol vehicles, the system is the opposite of eCo-shot, it uses the petrol engines vacuum system to meter the flow of LPG into the airstream and the O2 sensor then picks up the enriched airstream and trims the petrol usage accordingly. It is the true dual fuel system using both fuels to deliver amazing savings.


It’s a very simple install and no need for large tanks and nice neat 18 litres usable tank will supply plenty of LPG.


We have been trialing the system on an XR8 Falcon Ute and the results are great with a 250 kilometres increase in mileage from a tank of petrol that uses only 4 litres of LPG. Around $3.20 for an extra 250 kilometres, not too bad at all.