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A Letter From A Very Happy Owner


Subject: Kenworth K104


Hi Les


Just letting you know how happy we at FLOURTRANS are with our Eco-shot gas system.

Prior to purchasing eCo-shot our Kenworth K104 powered by a 550 hp C-15 cat was on average returning 1.9 Klms per litre.           

Cost to us $384.20 per day .


With eCo-shot the truck is returning on average 2.6 klms per litre. Cost to us $280.77 per day for diesel and $9.80 per day for gas.

Total per day saving $93.63.


On the above figures to say we are happy would be an under statement the vehicle has increased pulling power and more responsive on the throttle .

We are very pleased with our eCo-Shot system.


Kind regards

Mark Myers
Managing Director


Kenworth K104